Togo; the Birthplace of Voodoo

Togo is a small country indeed, but it is packed with a diverse and exciting culture. When described as the birthplace of the voodoo rites and home to many animist cults, the country quickly excites the imagination. The voodoo practice says that every creature is potent and divine, whether dead or alive, and this is … Continue reading Togo; the Birthplace of Voodoo

Banyankole Weddings and Tradition

In the Bayankole tribe of Uganda, the moment a girl is set to be married, she is made to pass through a whole lot of limitations in a bid to get her ready for the wedding. The lady being prepared for marriage is held inside and is given beef and millet porridge. She is supposed … Continue reading Banyankole Weddings and Tradition

UNBELIEVABLE! Banyankole Culture Where Bride’s Aunt Sleeps with Groom Before Wedding Day

When it comes to wedding ceremonies and the roles family members play towards making the wedding and the marriage a huge success, it actually differs, depending on the culture. READ ALSO:  SHOCKING! Meet the Swahili Tribe Where Newly-weds Must Have S£x in the Presence of a Particular Person. There's a particular tribe where the bride, … Continue reading UNBELIEVABLE! Banyankole Culture Where Bride’s Aunt Sleeps with Groom Before Wedding Day

NIGERIA at 61: The Journey So Far

On the 1st day of October every year, Nigeria celebrates her independence. It marks the day the country gained Independence from the reigns of the British. The Union Jack was lowered while the Green White and Green flag was raised and the citizens of the newly independent country watched in awe as the new flag … Continue reading NIGERIA at 61: The Journey So Far

THE FAERIE QUEEN: Meet the Only English Monarch Who Never Got Married and Why

Being a king or queen is no joke and much more difficult than you think if you consider all the weird rules they have to follow and sacrifices they have to make. Turns out that putting your country above yourself is one of the hardest choices that a monarch has to make.