Moral Decadence Among the Youths in Recent Times: Issues and Suggestions

Our society today, runs on an engine fueled and propelled by a dangerous whirlwind that is gradually razing everything on its path like a tornado; and that whirlwind of destruction is what this piece would be addressing.


In the olden days, a time that can be ascribed as the “Good Old Days”, people extolled values and principles as the great virtues that guide our footsteps in all that we do as humans dwelling on this planet earth.

In those days, values like being morally upright in every dealing, abstaining from s£xual imm0rality, obedience, respect for the elders and most importantly, the sacredness of the human bl00d were upheld with strong adherence.


Children were taught these virtues from a tender age and they were made to recognize that our society abhorred stealing in whatever form. They were also made to understand that our values should never be compromised by any chance.


They were various laws guiding different communities and all its inhabitants which compelled them to abide by those laws governing them. There were different punishments for every cr!me committed. Some may require outright ban!shment from the community and the case of murd£r most times, leads to the execution of the perpetrators as a way of appeasing and cleansing the land; and also assuaging the pain of the gr!ev!ng family who has lost a loved one in the murd£rous act.


The ‘eye for an eye’ rule was predominantly revered as the most appropriate method of punishing deviants who were found culpable in various atr0cious acts. The fear of these sacred laws helped to maintain a peaceful society. There was a strong belief in dignity in labour but all that has been buried in the mud as the reverse has glaringly become the case.


It’s quite disheartening and on the other hand, perturbing to realize that people don’t hold those virtues sacred anymore. We wake up these days to a lot of gory and bizarre stories that make one wonder if people still have a conscience anymore, even if it’s just a tiny bit.


The guys have embraced cr!me and crim!nality as a way of making it in life. Internet fraud which has been christened “Yahoo” has taken a different dimension. Young guys now perform r!tuals that they believe would enhance the profitability of their crim!nal venture all geared towards defrauding people all over the world. These r!tual mongers often compel them to k!ll and mut!late human beings who sometimes turn out to be their loved ones, taking away various body parts from the body to fulfill the mandate given to them.


The girls aren’t left out of this social menace as the rate of prost!tution which they have now given a more subtle title “Runs”, has gone astronomically high in recent times. They see it as a normal way of life with the slogan, “Use what you have to get what you want.”

These have become the norm all in the name of “I Want to Belong.”


Youths need to start looking deep within themselves to discover the diverse natural talents given to them by nature which when properly harnessed, would afford them the opportunity of becoming professionals in their fields of endeavour, offering exceptional services to society.

Parents need to do more in the area of instilling strong morals in their kids to ensure that they grow up to become responsible members of the society.


Religious leaders also, are not left out in this, as they have a pivotal role to play in guiding the young ones rightly and ensuring that they take the right path to living a just and fulfilled life worthy of emulation.

This is the DiaryofaConsciousWriter.

~Written by CHRIS ODEZULU~

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