How I Slept with a C0rpse to Get Pregnant

I visited a s0rcerer who told me I was under a generational curs£ and could only conceive if I slept with a d£ad man. After I thought about it for some time, I decided to try. I went to Ahero where I paid a m0rtuary attendant who arranged everything for me.


I did as I was instructed by the s0rcerer. Honestly, it was the w0rst experience of my life. I wouldn’t want any person to experience such. I gave up everything at the mercy of God.


One of my neighbours advised me to try a herbalist who has helped thousands of needy people. He gave me his contact. But with the previous nightmar£, I went through, I was reluctant to take any step.


I was not ready to go through any terrifying encounter again. But I told myself, let me try it for the last time. I called the herbalist and he arranged the meeting. He put me on herbal medicine for four months.


We are the happiest couple on earth now. We have our own children. I just don’t know how I can pay this herbalist.


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