How a Clock Wedding Gift was used to Delay a Woman’s Pregnancy and Her Husband’s Financial Progress

This story is for you to know how ev!l people are. Before your wedding, kindly make sure you put ‘NO GIFTS’ on your wedding card, it should be converted to cash and sent to your account.


This couple are my friends, the woman has not been able to give birth, countless m!scarriages, things have been very difficult for them after their marriage.

One day, the lady’s mother visited them cos her church, Anglican had a program in PH, so she told her daughter and son inlaw to go with her. The man refused and told his wife to go. Hmmm…, the wife went.


During prayer, the man of God walked up to her and told her that the problem in her marriage was as a result of a gift she collected during her wedding. She went back home and told her hubby who became furious, saying that the man of God would have been specific as they had so many gifts.


They ignored, few months later, the same Anglican church had a program. She attended with her mother, this time it was a different man of God who walked up to her to tell her that she accepted a clock during her wedding and hung it in their bedroom, that whoever gave them that clock is monitoring them. That’s why whenever she’s pregnant or they have a business deal coming, the person turns back the hand of the clock and they lose everything. So they broke the clock and prayed.


Things started picking up a little. The man’s father is a pastor, he hasn’t visited his son since he got married. So one day he decided to visit them. The couple stay in a 2bedroom flat and the lady’s sister stays in the other room. So when the man’s father visited, the couple gave him their room, the wife went to join her sister while the guy slept in the parlour.


The guy said that around 3am, his father woke him up, saying that something is wrong in the room. He asked them of their wedding gifts and they showed him where they packed all at one corner in the room.


The man prayed and then asked his son, “you people have been going through a lot, why didn’t you tell me?” He said someone in the wife’s family is angry that his wife was married properly (omor see yeye reason), she didn’t get pregnant at home, married a fine man and her marriage was completely done. He said that the person sw0re that she will be d!sgraced and sent back to her father’s house.


His father prayed for them for hours. Things are taking shape. Wifey is pregnant, in 9months time, I’ll give you people the good-news.


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