iPhones and Android Phones Set to Stop WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram

Both Android and Apple iOS are present in the list of phones that have ended WhatsApp support.


Some Samsung, Infinix, Tecno, Itel, Nokia and other Android phones have been scheduled to stop access to Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp starting from 1st November 2021.


According to reports, WhatsApp will not work on phones running Android 4.0.

Apart from this, its support will also stop on iPhone running Apple iOS 9 and this includes all iPhone 6 series.


This is because iPhone 13 has come into existence and as such, iPhone 6 will join the league of the lower iPhone series without access to these social media platforms aforementioned.


The Popular instant messaging app WhatsApp will not work on smartphones older than November 1. WhatsApp has been sent to discontinue its support on older phones and now WhatsApp 43 will no longer work on older smartphone models.


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