God, Man and the Universe: The Untold Mysteries

Since the start of scientific discoveries from the medieval times, down to the industrial revolution of the 1700s till today; there has been so many theories by various scientists on why they believe God doesn’t exist and that the universe created itself through millions of years of constant evolution.


Ever heard about the Big Bang Theory? It postulates that planet earth was formed through millions of years of meteorite collusion in the cosmos.


Some had the opinion that the earth came out from the water as a result of Seismic activities leading to earthquakes which reshaped the earth crust and tectonic plates beneath the oceans at the time, plus some volcanic eruptions which spewed volcanic larvae through the waters that got solidified to form what we know as land today.


There was also a famous theory by the English scientist Charles Darwin, who gave his own theory of how man evolved through different stages of evolution.

Till date, science has failed to provide answers to some key questions which include:

  • How is Earth the only habitable planet amongst all the entities of the solar system?
  • Why didn’t the other planets go through the same evolutionary pattern like earth as they claimed?
  • Who made the rain to fall, plants to grow, the sun to shine by day and the moon and stars by night?
  • Did planet earth produce all the living creatures that dwell in it by itself?

This remains an untold mystery because, man whom they tried to explain how he evolved wasn’t the only living thing on earth. As a matter of fact, more living creatures abound in the ocean more than those on land.


Whenever you hear the loud bang of a thunder that rattle buildings and cause kids and adults alike to hunker down and tremble, or you find yourself by the ocean beach and hear the water roar and watch the tidal waves rise in its magnificent splendour; you need no one to tell you that there’s a supernatural being who is firmly in control of this planet we all call home.


God is the creator of the universe and He has proven himself so many times to His people and that’s how it will remain…till eternity.

This is the DiaryofaConsciousWriter.

~Written by CHRIS ODEZULU~


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