UNBELIEVABLE! Banyankole Culture Where Bride’s Aunt Sleeps with Groom Before Wedding Day

When it comes to wedding ceremonies and the roles family members play towards making the wedding and the marriage a huge success, it actually differs, depending on the culture.

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There’s a particular tribe where the bride, mother of the bride and female members in her family have to cry for one hour for a month, before the wedding ceremony.


However, in a place like Banyankole in Uganda, it is quite different as it is the aunt of the bride who has a huge role to play during the planning of the wedding and the marriage itself.


The major responsibility of the bride’s aunt is to make sure that the groom is powerful and the only way she can prove that is to feel the groom herself by having s£x with him.


The reason this is done is to be able to test the potency and virility of the groom. It is expected that the bride is a virgin as at when she is getting married and so, there is no way she can be sure that her husband to be is strong enough in bed.


To a lot of people, this is a very weird tradition because the thought of a lady’s family member sleeping with her husband is ridiculous. In fact, there have been severe cases where the lady does something drastic because she caught her friend, mother or even a family having an affair.


But this is totally different in the Banyankole Tribe as it is a NECESSITY in their culture.

What are your thoughts on this marriage custom and tradition? Feel free to share them in the comment box below.


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