NIGERIA at 61: The Journey So Far

On the 1st day of October every year, Nigeria celebrates her independence. It marks the day the country gained Independence from the reigns of the British.


The Union Jack was lowered while the Green White and Green flag was raised and the citizens of the newly independent country watched in awe as the new flag swirls in the wind, signaling the dawn of a new era.


There was fun fare and wïld jubilation across the length and breadth of the entity, Nigeria. School children lined up in the streets with the nation’s flag in their hands as they sang the National Anthem at the time Nigeria We Hail Thee!”.


Indeed, it was an exhilarating experience. There were hopes and aspirations that the new country Nigeria will grow in leaps and bounds to become the envy of the whole world with it’s enormous natural and human resources which God has endowed the country with.


But sadly 61 years later, Nigeria as a country is facing a myriad of problems ranging from security issues, unemployment, hunger, poor healthcare, d£cay in infrastructure and others too numerous to mention.


These problems have eaten deep into the fabrics of the country Nigeria and has become a clog-in-the-wheel, preventing the country from reaching it’s full potential.


As Nigeria marks her 61st Independence today; we all need to have a sober reflection and ask God to come Heal the Land and make it prosperous once again.

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