Nigerian FG Releases Names of the Newly Appointed Appeal Court Judges

The Federal Government of Nigeria has released the names of the 27 Newly Appointed Appeal Court Judges – Hope for One Nigeria, Dreamers!

Below are their names coupled with their respective States of Jurisdiction:

  • 1) Justice P. A. Mahmoud, Benue State.
  • 2) Justice F. Ojo, Kwara State.
  • 3) Justice I. G. Abundaga Nasarawa State.
  • 4) Justice M. B. Idris, Niger State.
  • 5) Justice A. M. Talba, Adamawa State.
  • 6) Justice Kadi M. M. Alkali, Adamawa State.
  • 7) Justice A. I. Adenyangtso, Taraba State.
  • 8] Justice A. S. Umar, Kebbi state.
  • 9) Justice O. Z. Senchi, Kebbi,
  • 10) Justice A. M. Lamido, Sokoto state.
  • 11) Justice B. B. Aliyu, Zamfara state.
  • 12) Justice Ebowei Tobi, Delta State.
  • 13) Justice G.O. Kolawole, Osun State.
  • 14) Justices O. Itodo, Benue state.
  • 15) Justice M. A. Abdul Gafar, Kwara state,
  • 16) Justice D. D. Adeck Nasarawa state.
  • 17) Justice D. G. Mann, Plateau state.
  • 18) Justice D. G. Goji Adamawa state.
  • 19) Justice Kadi U. B. Umar Adamawa state.
  • 20) Justices Y. A. Bashir, Taraba state.
  • 21) Justice Z. B. Abubakar, Kebbi state,
  • 22) Justice I. M. Sani, Kaduna state.
  • 23) Justice F. L. Adamu, Kano state.
  • 24) Justice I. B. Ahmed Katsina state.
  • 25) Justice M Y Uftsha’u, Zamfara state.
  • 26) Justice P. O. Affen, Bayelsa state.
  • 27) Justice O. A. Ipaye, Osun state.

Here’s the Breakdown;

(by far with the lowest or worst JAMB Scores).

(by far with the highest or best JAMB Scores).


From the South:
South/South = 2;
South/West = 2;
South/East = 0.

The same educationally disadvantaged North now has the best citizens to be so appointed. The same Justice System which is supposed to uphold Fairness and Justice now beclouded with bias and sentiment. What a Country!


It seems what divides us is stronger than what unites us. Let’s not pretend, Nigeria can’t work under a system that allows such a lopsided appointment to hold. Where is the fairness that is expected from the leadership structures? Where are the southern politicians that are supposed to be challenging such systems? It seems they are happy and celebrating the four (4) slots that was given to their region.


The governmental system of Nigeria k*lls the hope for a united country….for a “One Nigeria”. Even after the Incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration is gone, if the system is not charged and a new president is allowed to behave like the Buhari unopposed or unrestricted, then it wouldn’t be difficult or wrong to say that Nigeria will nev£r know peace, prosperity and unity… Untill the Right Thing is Done.



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