SHOCKING: Meet the Swahili Tribe where Newly-Weds MUST have S£X in the Presence of a Particular Person

It’s of vital knowledge that Marriage is a formal or legal union, between a man and a woman who have chosen to unite their lives and which is also socially recognized by society for recreation, financial and emotional support, partnership, companionship, and equally to share their joy, tears and happiness together. Irrespective of that, many people get married for various reasons.


Courtship, on the other hand is a process where the “would-be” or intending couple study each other to know whether each poss€s the quality that will enable them to live together as husband and wife.

It’s also worthy of note that the Swahili people are a Bantu Ethnic group inhabiting East Africa. Their language is WaSwahili. Members of this ethnicity primarily reside on the Swahili coast, in an area encompassing the Zanzibar Archipelago, Littoral Kenya, the Tanzania Seaboard, Northern Mozambique, the Comoros Islands, and the Northwest Madagascar.


However, in the Swahili Tribe, there is this marriage custom where a newly wedded couple has to have their first s£x in the presence of a particular person. Does it sound shocking to you? I bet it does.

In the Swahili Marriage Custom, when courtship finally comes to an end and the woman agrees to go ahead to marry the man after her heart, her family then gives her a mentor.


This mentor trains the woman on how to satisfy her man in bed. This same mentor also trains her on how to handle her maid in their house so as to prevent the maid from entering into their (the couple’s) matrimonial bedroom.

Now, after the wedding ceremony has come to an end, the mentor of the woman gets into the bedroom of the newly wedded couple and hides under their bed. In this stage though, both the groom and his bride are already aware that there is someone hiding under their bed, but they would still go ahead to do whatever they wish to do.


…And in this way, the marriage is consummated in the presence of the mentor. In other words, they have their FIRST S£X.

The Swahilis claim that the reason the mentor hides under the couple’s bed is to check whether they have done their honeymoon well.

Surely…. This is Really Shocking!


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